Sunday, November 29, 2015

Brand New 2 Step

Baby girl!! I sit here typing this out while you make the noises that you usually make.
We had an awesome 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving! It's been an action packed weekend and it hasn't come to an end yet. You've been standing on your own for maybe 2 or 3 weeks now. The a few days ago I starters documenting your height by writing on the door post of our room.

On Thursday (You'll learn later that Thanksgiving is always going to be the last Thursday of every November) we made it to your Brooklyn family to have amazing food and some football. You played around and walked around with the assistance of your walker toy.
We had a good time and before long it was time to get in the car and make our way back to the Bronx. Lol. By the time we got to my uncles house the food was done but family was still in abundance! I swear I couldn't keep you in my hands for longer than 5 seconds. I came in and someone grabbed me as I greeted everyone. I would get you back and another person would snatch you right up. Lol. But it was a great time.

On Friday it was back to Brooklyn! Simply to hang out and eat left overs, you were the star of the show as usual.
But this was the day that it happened. You were playing with your walker toy and in an instant you took two steps from the coffee table over to your mother on the couch. I caught it out of the corner of my eye but instantly realized what was going on! It was such an amazing feeling to witness such a milestone moment in your development. I wish I had seen it more directly but I saw it how I saw it and I'll be sure to have a camera on you next time.

The day like all days do, came to an end. We came home and then yesterday back to Brooklyn it was lol. We went for a baby shower. Funny because it was exactly one year to the day after your baby shower. Meaning it was also the day you turned 11 months old. November 28th in case you don't feel like doing gr math by the time you read this. Lol

But now we are back home hanging out. We'll be here til it's time for Daddy to go do some photo shoots. Hopefully you're up when I get home and I can come shoot you as well. We need pics to put up for your first Birthday. Daddy loves you so much baby. And I'll have your back regardless of whatever til the moment I take my last breath.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Strawberry Milk

Hey baby. So daddy is officially at work at his new job. 4-12 shift. It sucks cause I don't get to see you before bed, but it's cool cause I get to spend time with you during the day. I guess that'll work too you start school. Let's hope that by then daddy is a big time photographer that sets his own schedule
Apparently you took a few steps on your own at the babysitter yesterday but the story is shaky. Not doubting it just didn't see it for myself and can't necessarily trust the source as it came from several different mouths. (One day I'll teach you the game of: 'Telephone')

But anyway. Hanging out with you these passed couple of days has been so dope. It only sucked cause mommy had to work over time at work the whole time I've been out of work/at my new job. All until today. So today we got to hang out as a family for a while. You'll never realize it, but I live for these days. I woke up to whatever noise you and your mommy were making. Mommy's Puerto Rican so she can't help to make noise. And you're a half Puerto Rican baby so basically I'm doomed in the noise department. Lol.

But it was all good. We hung out til about 1pm which is about the time I had to start getting ready for work. I have to leave early to be able to get out in front of traffic. You and mommy had plans. You were going to see venues for your first birthday party which is really in just a few weeks.
At lunch, as usual I sent mommy a text and amongst all else she told me that you tried some strawberry milk and absolutely loves it. She said you got strawberry wasted and knocked right out.
I swear when she told me that, she took me back to being 6 years old. I used to LOOOVE strawberry milk. In fact it was the only way to get me to drink milk. Grandma (my mom) would put it in a bottle (I used a bottle til I was 7, don't judge me) and it would be my after school treat and bed time snack. Lol. So it's no wonder that here we are some 22 years later and my baby loves it just as much.
But I still find it funny how these things work.... Some religions and lifestyles believe that we choose our parents. I do believe that. I feel it makes sense. My add on to the belief is a question: 'how long do we know that we will be our parents children?'

When I was 6 years old and I didn't even know your mother existed did you already know?: "that's gonna be my daddy, he's drinking strawberry milk, hmmm, I think I'll see what that's about. I bet I'll like it like he does." You're probably thinking 'Daddy what the hell are you talking about?' Lol. Never mind me baby, it's late and I'm thinking random thoughts. I guess what I'm trying to say is, this is my realization that it's likely we'll have a few if not s lot of things in common. And I for one couldn't be more excited just to see what those things will be. What do you say we talk about it over a nice glass of Strawberry milk!? Lol,

Cheers Zairah, I Love you!!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Silver Linings

Hey baby. Sorry daddy hasn't had time to post any new updates but you know I've been keeping track of all your progress in my head. I don't miss a moment!!
So apparently on the 15th of this month: you said momma! Lol. Funny how I said "I don't miss a moment" and then start the next paragraph with "apparently" right? Lol. But there is a reason.
You mommy and myself were in IHOP having dinner and the moment came when mommy had to take you to the bathroom and change your diaper. When she returned to the table with you in her arms she tells me with excitement: "She said Momma!!" I smiled and agreed  however I wasn't there to validate your use of the word lol. But I know mommy has no reason to make that up.
So in other Zairah news. Or in all Zairah news because that's what this is all about. Lol. You blow kisses now! It's the cutest thing in the world. Sometime last week or two weeks ago I went to pick you upbeat the babysitter and she told me that you learned to blow kisses. She demonstrated it and you did it. As always, me being the Zairah groupie that I am, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I couldn't wait to tell everyone and show them myself. You've been blowing kisses to everyone. When it's time to say bye we all day "Muah!" And you out your little hand to your lips and throw it! I have to get you on video doing it.
You're and expert crawler and climber now. You used to crawl on your belly while pulling yourself forward with your arms. I was taught that it's called a commando crawl. But you've graduated your baby boot camp and you crawl on all 4s like a pro now. In fact your too good. If I take my eyes off you for more than 7 seconds you're on the other side of the house. As for climbing it amazes me how you like to climb up the back of the couch to see yourself in the mirror hung up on the wall. You've discovered how to climb on to mommy and daddy's bed from the floor and right now as I'm typing this you are currently trying to climb up the air conditioner. Your climbing must have something to do with how tall you're getting. I swear, yesterday during your afternoon nap I was looking at you and I thought to myself "A little taller and she's the height of my legs." I'm telling you baby, it is the highest honor watching you grow. Yesterday you stood up on your own for about 3 seconds. I wish I had got a picture but it happened so fast that I froze! Lol
You've been to two football games now. You seem to like em. Your grandpa (mommy's father) has been inviting us to games that his old high school has. I'm telling you they are great games. You don't seem to have a deep interest in it yet, but you definitely seem to enjoy being there with us.
One thing you do seem to have an interest in is Cars!! Hmmmm wonder where that comes from lol.
It's so hard to believe that in just a short 2 months you'll be a year old. It feels like I just brought you home yesterday. And here you are a rough little girl who seemingly isn't afraid of anything. You bite, you pull hair, you slap, and your impossible to scare. Lol. What the hell have mommy and daddy gotten themselves into?!
But we wouldn't have it any other way.
Good news! Daddy got a new job. It pays double what my last job paid and I was supposed to start a week ago, but due to some miscommunication the date got pushed back. So rather than work at my current job passed the date I told them I would to make a few extra checks, daddy decided to spend 2 weeks off with you. I've been your babysitter for a week and now and today is day one of the second week. I can't tell you how happy I am baby.
I figured that it may be years before I have an opportunity to spend 2 weeks off from work, let alone with you. So here we are. You and mommy give my life so much meaning baby and I will always love you for it.
Well duty calls! You're just about to start to do too much. You're already all over the place and pretty soon it'll be time to feed you again. Until the next post! I love you baby!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Your First Word!!

September 17th a day that shall live on in infamy. I've been waiting for eight months for this moment, for the moment that you would speak your first words. Well The wait has come to an end, you've spoken your first words, and those words are…dahdah dada!!! 

Your mother and mine are both in the kitchen, HATING!!! Lolol. Words don't even begin to have the power to explain this feeling of joy I have right now. 

A week and some days short of your 9 months and you're already spittin out words!!! MmmmmOh my God!! 

Yesterday while you were watching that God awful 'Peppa Pig' I thought you had said it. But when I asked you "Did you just say Dada?" You smiled gave me the shy laugh and didn't say anything at else after that. So then today I was holding you as you seemingly fell asleep in my arm. You being the big sleep fighter that you are. You realized that you were falling and decided that you were cocoons combat it with the word you knew that you had learned. You gazed at me and said "Dada...." And when I looked you were looking at me like "Yeah, I said it" written all over your face and you smiled. I picked you up and stood you on your feet ok my lap. I asked again "Did you just say Dada? That's what you said yesterday too right? You've been saying Dada!" You laughed and then you repeated it about 50 times! I lost my cool!!! 

Your mom was in the kitchen being domestic. I have no clue what she was doing and. Didn't care. I was too excited to. Your mom was standing over there front in like she didn't hear my DJ Zairah shout out!! Lol but she heard it tho. She was just mad that those D's weren't M's! Lol

There's nothing else to say or document. At or around 8:40-45pm on September 17th, 2015 your first word was spoken! 

I love you more than words baby!


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Your First Weekend Pt. 2

Chapter 4
When we got back to the hotel we didn't waste any time getting ready for the pool! We got downstairs we put our stuff aside and enjoyed the warmest pool I'd ever been in all to ourselves. Lol.

Mommy bought you a floaty thing so that you can enjoy the water with us. I blew it up myself and made sure it was full enough to hold you up. I can't lie floatations device or not I was still nervous as hell!! But you seemed to love the water. You laughed you smiled and you even posed for some pictures. Midway through the experience I could see you fighting your sleep(and losing I might add!). You came in and out a few times but ultimately fatigue beat you out. And now your all worn out asleep on my favorite place in the world for you to sleep, daddy's chest.

Chapter 5
We both fell asleep and by the time we were waking up, mommy was showing up with some food! I hope she waited 30 minutes after our swim. Lmao.
We picked up out stuff and went back up to our room. There was a Harry Potter marathon on and I tried to get you into it (because I love Harry Potter) but you looked at me like I was a nerd and continued to do your own thing. I couldn't believe you judged me. That night we fell asleep despite plans of going to some festival. I guess the hot sun and a pool will do that to you.

The next morning it was all about being ready for check out. Mommy and daddy packed while you tried to put anything within arms reach into your mouth. You really gotta stop that. Lol. We went down for some more bad breakfast. I had only the waffle this time.

We eventually got back on the car and we were on our road trip back to Birmingham. You became restless towards the end of the trip when we had to stop at Walmart. But I can always count on Wu Tang to calm you down. Lolol. I played "C.R.E.A.M" on my phone and put it in your stroller. "Life is good" was written all over your face. A few months ago I discovered that the song calms you down whenever baby life is getting s little too heavy for you. Lol

Listen at some point someone is gonna give me shit for playing that kind of music to my baby. (You don't say "shit") and when that day comes you will witness me having my first "Don't tell me how to raise my child moment" lol. But moving on.

We got back to your cousin Tamikias house and chilled for s few hours before dinner! I did a photo shoot for your cousin
Riley that was really fun. I got a shot of her running around in the back yard and it made me realize how much I want you to have a back yard like it. You have one but its small and it's made even smaller with grandpas grill and grandmas patio furniture. Lol. I promise one day daddy will get you a back yard big enough for you to play City(not house) in!

Dinner time came and we all came together again. I don't know who made the corn but they put their ankle in it! The rest of the food was equally delicious but I loved that corn boy!!

Chapter 6
Guess who's flight is delayed!? Lol. It's pouring here in Alabama and it seems all the flights are delayed. As much as daddy loves to not go to work he hates not getting paid. So this weather better clear the heck up. Lol

And now we're back home baby. You were a little cranky by the time the plane took off this time and you were in mummy's arms. But all in all I was so proud of how well you were on both flights. You're a trooper!

Daddy loves you baby! Can't wait for our next family adventure.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Your First Weekend Getaway

Your First Weekend

Hey baby!!
This was a big weekend of first for you.
This was the weekend that mommies family was having their family reunion in Alabama.
We left for the La Guardia on Thursday morning and arrived just in time to be told that we were running late. Lol. Black people. You'll figure that out on your own.

The flight was short and sweet. I said a very detailed prayer, praying and hoping that you would be ok in the air. That you wouldn't get nervous that your ears wouldn't pop and make you uncomfortable that you wouldn't realize that we were 30 thousand feet in the air and lose your mind. Lol. Basically I was more worried than you were. Lol. You never made a sound. By the time the plane took off you were already asleep in my arms. You woke up some time around the middle of the flight when the flight attendant was giving out peanuts and drinks. Even then you were calm, cool and a G as always! Lol

About an hour (2 hours after take off) and a bottle later you were asleep again. I usually sleep on flights myself but being so worried about you kept me up. It was time to land. I took you from mommies arms put you in mine and we landed safely in Birmingham Alabama. I guess for you it was just a big fast car ride.

First order of business Chick-Fil-A!! We don't get it in Nee York so whenever I leave town I make it my business to get that good Ol chicken sandwich. When your old enough to eat I'll get you one.

It was time to get going and going we did. We went to uncle Rallace's beautiful house. Where we met up with all your cousins, aunts and uncles and waited a while before your grandpa showed up.
You were introduced to southern hospitality for the first time. It's freaking awesome! Lol

Chapter 2
When bedtime got closer we all figured out where we would be staying and you, mommy and myself got to stay over at cousin Tamikia's house. Say thank you cousin Tamikia!

You slept like a baby. And I did too. I don't know if it was Jetlag or what but lord knows I opened my eyes the time read 5:40 and I felt as if I had slept a whole week! Lol. I went back to sleep to be well rested enough for your wake up. When you did you were in full gear. Lol.

We got ready after mommy took her 3 hour shower and all headed back up the road to uncle Rallace's house for some breakfast. After that we played the waiting game til it was time to get on the road for the hotel.

Chapter 3
We arrived to the hotel (a little late) for the meet and greet portion of the weekend. We met up with more aunts uncles and cousins and all that good stuff. (Hope you can keep up baby girl because your family is huge on both sides) by the time bedtime came you were screaming for dear life. Which obviously is not like you. We couldn't figure it out but we made it through the scream storm! God is good. We know why you were screaming but it wouldn't be til the next day that we'd figure it out.

The next morning we relaxed a little before breakfast. When we did come down you were asleep and I tried to enjoy a Belgian waffle. It was good even though the eggs and bacon were real bad. Lol. No disrespect to the hotel. But they were bad!

We went back upstairs and got ready for another road trip to the park where the reunion was taking place. You were a hit as always. Lol. This time the food was good!! Lol. Guess what happened while we were there!? Or at least we think it happened in that time. YOUR TOOTH CAME IN!!!
Funny being a dad. Your tooth coming in was just nature taking its course, but I was still proud of you as if it was something you accomplished in your own. This explains why you were screaming uncontrollably the night before. That tooth must have been busting out of the gum! Glad it made it out!

Part 2 will be posted soon!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Well it's been quite a while since this blog has been updated.

But it's because we've been living rather than documenting isn't it baby!? Of course that's not to say we haven't been marking your achievements and things of that nature just means we've been... Unplugged for lack of a better word.

So much has happened since we last posted anything here. A few days ago you hugged me. You wrapped your arms around my neck as you fell asleep and I almost lost it!! Lol. Another one of these things is you've discovered your voice! Lol. And by that I mean you've learned to scream at the top of your lungs. Lol. It's very embarrassing to mommy and daddy cause you look like you ain't got no home trainin'. Lol. But trust me baby, I do understand your screaming. I know that it's because you so desperately want to communicate with us and you can't and so in your frustration you scream to let us know your happy. Because although you scream loud enough for people pto think your being harmed, it's not screaming like crying, it's more like a "HEY LOOK AT ME! CAN YOU HEAR ME!?" And the answer is yes baby. We hear you loud and clear.

Also, you're sitting up on your own now. By the time your old enough to read this you'll probably say "yeah!? Big deal!" But trust me Zairah baby, it is a big deal. It's so astounding to see the little newborn baby girl that we brought home six months ago finally get up and sit on her own. It makes me so proud!! You're also turning over on your own. You're not a fan of being on your stomach though. Again, like your screaming I understand. You don't like to be on your stomach because you so desperately want to crawl, but you haven't figured out the mechanics of it yet. So when you realize that your not moving no matter how hard you want to, you get frustrated and cry!  I know what you're thinking "Daddy is so smart" lol. But it makes me so happy to know that you keep trying. Some day very soon you'll be crawling and walking like a pro and telling us all about it in your own words.
Further more in your progression: you are teething. And it's a gift and a curse. The teething causes you to throw up a lot and it gives you pains that I couldn't even begin to imagine. Daddy has never had a tooth ache; but I'd take one in every tooth in my mouth if it meant you'd be at ease.

And with the good of you growing out your teeth comes the bad of you wanting to put every single thing within arms reach into your mouth! Lol Lord help us! I've gotta get a recording of you opening your little big mouth trying to eat daddy's face. Lol it's actually quite impressive.

I'm so proud of you every day baby. You'll be 6 months old in five days! Where did the time go? My baby sits up, is just a few syllables away from speaking her first words, rolling over and sleeping through the night. Before you know it you'll be asking to borrow my car. (By the way, don't ask for my car. Take mommy's car, she doesn't use it anyway! Lol)

Well it's your feeding time and your falling asleep while I feed you this bottle so until next time.

I love you baby girl.