Saturday, March 10, 2018

Good Times (a story of bad parenting lol)

Hey Baby!!

So for 2/3’s of this year I’ve been working on what we’ll call an adult project. You know daddy is a photographer and he’s working on a project that will feature photos and videos. To accompany the video daddy put together a playlist. All the songs follow one particular subject which I’ll tell you all about someday when you’re older. Amongst the songs is an old favorite of mine called “Good Times” by Styles P (“The ghost” as you like to refer to him! Lol)

A couple of weeks ago while riding around in daddy’s car I had to take a break from your dreaded “Trolls” soundtrack. Much love to Justin Timberlake but it’s but so many times that an adult can listen to that sh.... stuff and not lose their minds. So I decided I would unintentionally expose you to more of my music and “Good Times” came on. It’s melody caught you, the lyrics stuck to your ribs as Talib Kweli would say. It became a favorite instantly. I knew you really liked it because when it was over you said “again” which is your patented stamp of approval! Immediately I said to myself. “Oh snap! This one may not end well!” Lmao. When you’re old enough I’ll explain why playing hat particular song isn’t ideal around a 3 year old. Lol. I mean I vowed from the moment I knew you were coming that I wouldn’t be the dad that rides around to a “wheels on the bus” kids bop mixtape. That’s for the birds! But also didn’t plan on going so far.

Anyway, the plot thickens. A couple days after we were hanging out with uncle Rudy, Buddy and Gallo. And we went for a drive. Uncle Buddy had new music to play for me and so he connected to the Bluetooth and proceeded to play me his new project. It was three songs. I was impressed with your ability to sit through two out of the three because once a song gets stuck in your head it’s the only one you can listen to for four months straight. So the first two played and after each was done you said to me “Dadda I like that one!” I told uncle Buddy “You got a hit!” And he was happy. Uncle Rudy and Gallo couldn’t believe that you were so in tune with music that you were going as far as rating what you heard. But the third song Uncle Buddy played didn’t get the same review. You screamed and said “DADDY I DON’T LIKE THAT ONE!” I have to admit I was a bit embarrassed and had to apologize to the car on your behalf for the outburst. Especially because I actually liked the song. Lol.

You had enough and you requested your new favorite song: “Dadda, I want to hear “High High High” and you sang it in the perfect melody. I thought to myself “Jesus Christ kid, I don’t need people knowing I’m teaching you this stuff!” Lol. Uncle Buddy looked at me and I could feel uncle Rudy and uncle Gallo looking at me. The car got quiet for about 25 seconds. And that’s a long time of awkward silence. So I said to you, “Zairah, you have to remember that when there are other people in the car you have to be fair and let them listen to what they want to listen to as well. The brat that you are, your response was “nooooo” and so I took a moment to give a disclaimer to all the other adults in the car. “Guys, I’m not the greatest parent there is. I let my child occasionally listen to the music I listen too. But it’s okay cause she doesn’t know what the lyrics mean. She just likes it for the melodies. Cause she’s 3! 3 year olds love melodies.” Lmfao. I don’t think anyone in the car was buying it but they understood. Lol.

I proceed to play “Good Times” a song that every adult in the car knows and loves. And so should start to sing along with it and uncle Rudy loses his mind. “Yo! I love this song!” And proceeds to watch you sing along! “I get High High High!” My embarrassment quickly turned into pride thinking to myself “I have the coolest daughter ever!” Lmao. Not that I’m promoting anything, just enjoying the fact that you enjoy what I enjoy. Something that I’ve waited all my life to have with someone special. To think I found it in my daughter. That’s a gift.

Fast forward to now and it’s the first song you request when you get in the car with me. I have to admit: it beats listening to Trolls for a hour straight.

This has been my doing since before you were born. I remember playing Bob Marley and Wu Tang on my phone and pressing it against your moms stomach so that you could hear it and enjoy. There was a time where “C.R.E.A.M” was the only thing that would stop you from crying. Sheesh! It amazes me how quickly time is flying. I realize that as you’re getting older you’re absorbing more and I have to be very cautious about what I play around you. Especially anything with profanity or adult content. This is sure to be a parent teacher meeting once school starts. But for now the world will just have to accept that this is my part of bad parenting. Lol. I love you baby and I love your taste in my music. It’s something that we will continues to share for as long as we are here together.

As of now, aside from the whole Trolls And Moana Soundtracks your favorite songs are as follows:

“C.R.E.A.M” by Wu Tang

“Nas is Like” by Nas
“Move that Dope” by Future Ft. Pharrell, Pusha T & Casino
“Bounce Back” by Big Sean
“24K Magic” by Bruno Mars
“Freedom” by Pharrell
And now
“Good Times” by Styles P

You’ve got quite the playlist. (Says with more pride than he should) and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Love you baby. Let’s keep jamming.


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

One Time for the Big 3!

Hey baby, it's been too long since I've updated this yet, but you're still working on your letter and so I think I have some time before you can actually read full length posts like these... But anyway, what you up to?

Here in 2018 I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am the father of a 3 year old lol. (Isn't it great how as I'm writing this, it's as if you and I are traveling through time? Me to the future and you to the past!)
But yeah, You had your birthday party a little under a month ago and you had a blast. All of your cousins and friends and family were there to see you have a blast, going down big slides, zip lining and running around in an indoor play place your mom picked out.

Funny how things move, literally overnight you went from 2 to 3 and it was like someone hit a switch... The terrible 2's were over, or so it seemed for at least the first week or two! Lol. Can't call it new, but your thing now is crying for ANY and EVERYthing. It's literally the most annoying thing in the world. If you have to stand up for someone to put clothes on you, you cry. If you don't get to listen to your 'Trolls' soundtrack in the car, you cry. Basically if you're not getting your way in the slightest bit, you cry! Good lord. I mean, I guess it's something I should get used to for your teenage years huh? Daddy gets no breaks!
Aside from that, I can't believe how big you are. You seem as tall as the average 4 or 5 year old. You're probably gonna be tall. Even still, as tall as you are, you're not as tall as the Barbie Dream house that Santa Clause got you for Christmas! The plan was to show it to you and then bring it home from grandma's house and build it for you at home. However, you guessed it, You wanted it then and there and so you cried until I agreed to start building it there on the spot. I really hate to admit it, but you've got me wrapped around your finger. Speaking of Fingers, daddy is keeping his crossed waiting to hear whether or not he won any of two photography contests that he entered. Shhhh, let's keep that one between us. But if Daddy wins, you'll get to see him on TV! So let's keep our fingers crossed together.

I started looking into schools to enroll you in a few months ago. Some are super expensive but worth it, and I know because I went to them and other aren't as expensive and offer extensive art programs which is something I want you to have. You show great interests in the arts. You love to dance, you love to sing and you have about 3 coloring books that you color in like a maniac! You don't stay in the lines, in fact you barely stay on the page and I love it. I don't want you to be bound by the standards of society. You keep coloring however you see fit baby! Hell your coloring book looks like 40 pages of Picassos, you might even become a famous artist one day and sell that stuff for millions.

I don't know, I don't care what you do when you grow up as long as you do it with love.
You're finally getting better with being nicer to grandpa and grandma, because it's not something you were doing too good with previously. I'm happy that you're developing a deeper bond with them. You stayed there this passed weekend for a sleepover while Mommy and Daddy went out with Uncle Rudy and aunt Jessica, and when I called in the morning you were telling me about everything you had done the night before. By the time I came to pick you up grandpa was asking if you could stay just a little longer. Lol.

About 2 months ago, Mommy got us some tickets to go see Disney on Ice. Boy did you love it. Your face lit up when Moana and Maui came out and you even sang along so loud that everyone in our section looked at you! Lol. And I am freakin sick of Moana by the way. You've watched that and Trolls just a few times short of 500 at this point and I fear the day Netflix removes them. But, you're slowly weaning yourself off of those and re watching "A Nightmare Before Christmas" a bunch of times. Which I don't mind (yet.) You've already said that it's the theme you want for your next birthday party, which I think would be really cool. I may even go and get the Jack Skeleton tattoo that my tattoo shop offers every year around Friday the 13th.Somehow I can hear you saying "that's going a little too far" but whatever, you don't know cool like I know cool yet. Ha!

Anyway, 3 has been interesting so far. You're now in that "I don't want to eat anything" phase and when you do want to eat you want French fries or nuggets. I refuse to let you have McDonald's on my watch, but it seems Belkys has already ruined that meal plan lol. It's all good though. Enjoy it now because pretty soon I'll be making sure none of that junk makes it into your system.

Not much else to report baby. You're a brat, you cry too much, you're slowly learning how to be manipulative, but I know it's my job to guide you and see to it that you grow to be a great person and I'm gonna stop at nothing to see to it that it's what you become. For the record, even with those few complaints I wouldn't trade you for the Universe!

I love you Zairah!
Love Daddy.


Friday, June 23, 2017

"Zairah Do It!" (Big Girl Uses Potty)

Seems I'm once again behind on updates!

Lol, not to worry, you and I haven't missed any moments in real life, so sorry for the delay in written updates, but I'm here now.
So, for the sake of not forgetting or leaving anything out, I guess I can categorize this post.

Let's start with:
One thing I knew I wanted to pass down to you from a tender young age was a love and appreciation for all forms of Art. Everything from paintings and Sculptures to Music and performing arts and everything in between. As of right now, (actually always) Music seems to be the fore runner of the lot.
I remember when you were in mommy's belly, every day I would take at least 15 minutes to press the speaker from my phone up against it to play you a few songs. Some in particular that I can remember playing for you were "Waiting in Vain" by Bob Marley, (Because I love that song) "The World is Yours" by Nas and a handful of others. Sometimes you would kick and I would take that to mean you liked the song and some times you wouldn't which I would take to mean you didn't. Lol.

These days, very little has changed except you're very vocal with expressing how you feel about the songs you like. We listen to music whenever we are in the car, and if you like the song you say "Sooong" which means we should turn up the volume. And then you sing along throughout the whole thing and throw in whatever dance moves you can manage within the confines of your car seat. When the song is over, (this is my favorite) you say "Agaain!"
Let me tell you about your 2 favorite to date: "Bounce Back" by Big Sean and "24k Magic" by Bruno Mars! Girl oh Girl!! When I say those 2 are your favorite I mean they are your FAVORITES! It got to a point where I had to brace myself for 30-40 minutes of the same two songs on repeat. Granted, I love both those songs but even I got so tired of them I had to try to introduce you to other songs. Believe me it wasn't easy. You put up a fight each time!

Once you're old enough to read this and comprehend you'll probably be thinking to yourself: "My dad let me listed to "Bounce Back?" Bad parenting daddy!" Lol. Listen, we're just not the "Wheels on the bus song playing in the car" kind of family! Lol. Yesterday I played you "Freedom" by Pharrell, you liked it, as well as "Fashion Week" by Wale that I introduced you too about 3 weeks ago, you liked that one too. So now your playlist is getting a little longer and I don't have to be subjected to two songs when I drive.

So what else is new?
"Zairah Do It"
I've always known and I've even written it here that you are going to excel at all you do, and you're going to be very independent from such a young age, and I was right.
I can remember a time when you could barely roll over. I remember seeing you struggle, tirelessly attempting to do it until you got it! I even remember that you would fuss and get upset if I tried to touch you while you tried to do it on your own. Nothing has changed. You are always determined to learn and even more determined to apply what you learn.

The building we live in now has a set of steps between the entrance and the lobby. There are days where you're in your stroller or want to be carried, and there are days that you want to walk. On days where you want to walk you refuse to let anyone hold your hand as you go up the stairs. Not mommy, not me, no one! You extend your little arm literally as far as you can to be able to reach the banister and up and down you go all by yourself, doll or toy of choice in your free hand. It's the same when we go to grandma's house! Once you've told Juno to calm down you go up and down the huge set of stairs effortlessly, one step at a time all by yourself. It's so endearing to see you do things on your own. I just hope that you are always aware that mommy and Daddy are here to help you along the way. Either way, you're independence is something you value and it makes me more proud than any words can ever express.

So let me tell you the story of the light switch. In our small studio apartment, we don't get the ideal amount of sunlight coming in seeing as how the apartment faces the side of the building, giving us a beautiful view of the next building lol. So turning the lights on is obviously something we have to do by a certain time every day. At one point you wanted to start doing it yourself, the same way you want to press the button on the elevator. So one day I turned the lights on and you threw a fit (you're good for those) and I couldn't figure out why. So you pointed at the switch and I realized why you were upset. You wanted to flick the switch yourself. So I carried you over and you flicked the switch at least 4 times, lol. From that day on you wouldn't let anyone touch the light switch it became Zairah's job to turn on the lights. So one day you had gotten tired of being carried over and tried to do it on your own "Daddy, Zairah do it" is your favorite thing to say, but you couldn't reach the switch, and I couldn't think of a solution. But you're not the type to wait for someone else to come up with a solution for you. At 2 and a half years old you're already a problem solver. For 3 or 4 days I saw you struggle trying to reach that pesky light switch. On the 3rd or 4th day I saw the light bulb shine bright in your head!

You have your own little toy chair that sits next to the TV a few inches away from the light switch. So you went and got the chair, moved it over so that it was right under the switch, stood up on it and were able to reach the light switch on your own!
Watching you figure that all out on your own blew my mind! I had to run and grab you to hug you and drown you with kisses. Mommy and I cheered on for minutes in disbelief of how truly epic you are, baby! It's beautiful watching you develop your brain and learn how to do new things! I hadn't been that mind blown since I saw how you get out of your crib for the first time. You constantly leave me with my jaw dropped saying "Woooow!"

And the most recent update
Big Girl Uses the Potty
So the potty training phase started some months ago. I can't say it's been a huge disaster, however getting a two year old to understand when it's time to drop your diaper and sit down to use the potty is a struggle for any parent. You don't let me or your mommy use the bathroom in peace, you're constantly barging in to come and speak to us about whatever your toys are going through or to tell us what you've been up to all day! Lmao. (Excuse me, it's just so strange to share the bathroom in your home with anyone when you've spent almost 30 years of your life using it alone--so I laugh because the thought of my personal time being invaded by my two year old just makes me chuckle now that I'm writing and actually thinking about it, but I digress.) Because you're constantly in the restroom with one of us, you're well aware of the idea that you have to sit down to do what you have to do. You just seem to be under the impression that you're actually doing something when really you're just putting your bare bottom on the plastic potty and getting up saying "all done!" Lol.

Well that all changed last night. It was a day for the record books. You and mommy were taking your shower as usual when you told mommy "Pee Pee." Mommy attached your new toilet seat to the regular toilet seat and you sat and did it baby! You peed in the potty like a big girl.
I was in the middle of watching the NBA draft when mommy scared my by screaming "BAAAAAABE!!" I ran to the bathroom (not concerned however, because mommy is Puerto Rican, meaning she's always yelling) I asked "Yeah!?" "She did it, she peed in the potty like a big girl!" I looked at you, you were looking back at me with this huge trademark smile of yours. I almost cried I was so proud, I picked you up, hugged you tight, kissed you, told you I love you and and that I was proud of you. I immediately went to call grandma and Uncle Rudy to tell them the news update taking place in our apartment!!

Zairah, you are a constant source of inspiration amongst so many other things in my life. You learn something new every day. And I was prepared for that, what I wasn't prepared for was how much you would be teaching me every day! And for that I thank you, I can say with all sincerity that you have made me and continue to make me a better person each day! Thank You Baby. Mommy and Daddy Love you and can't wait to write more things for you to read when you're old enough.

God Bless You!


Monday, November 7, 2016

Breaking Promises

As you and I walked to the car today and you held your dolls in your hands (because lord forbid you leave the house without them) it got me thinking. There was a time that I vowed never to have children (sorry baby) lol.

But look at us now. Here I am, I consider myself the luckiest man alive simply because you chose me to be your father. You're the most beautiful little girl in the world. And even when I'm trying to be upset and discipline you or scold you I can't help but hide my face from you, so that you won't see that I'm desperately trying to hold in a very big laugh! Lol. You're such a funny baby. 

And once I found out your mommy was pregnant with you, I remember thinking "Oh man, I'm not gonna spoil this kid, she's gonna be disciplined like military personnel! PAH! Yeah right. I mean I know once you start getting older I'll become more stern but right now!? You've got me wrapped around your tiny little pinky finger. For what it's worth, I do try. But there's times I let you have your way simply so I don't have to hear you cry. 
I mean let's be real, mommy is better at being the bad cop anyway! Lolol. 

Anyway, the point of all this is: life will make you break your promises. I already broke the biggest one when I smiled after being told I'd be a dad! But I'll make one promise that I'll never break, I promise you to always be the best father any little girl has ever had. Love you baby.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Babies Night Out. (Your First Sneak Out)

Currently we're on couch, you're supposed to be asleep!! 

Edit: Next Morning
Hey baby girl! It's Sunday morning. I'm writing you from the throne. You and mommy are on the bed watching cartoon. It's daylight saving time so it should be 11am but it's actually 10. 
You and I bonded on a new level last night, or rather this morning. 

It was at least an hour and a half passed bedtime and you had already been told that it was time to go to sleep! You and mommy were in bed and I was on the couch. You may not remember it by the time you're old enough to read this, but we live in a studio apartment so everything is basically in one room. 
So I was on the couch watching Netflix waiting for you to fall asleep. But at one point, you, like a soldier on a secret mission crawled quietly towards the end of the bed and slowly climbed down. You were so quiet that you were literally inches away from my head and I didn't even here you. Lmao. 

It wasn't Til you were almost on the floor that the light from the TV reflected off of your white onsie and caught my eye! Lolol. It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Your first "sneak out!" You landed on the ground quiet as a mouse and then you looked at me. I have you the biggest smile and asked you what you were doing? You smirked back as if you weren't sure if you were in trouble or not going against moments order of going to sleep. I asked if you wanted to sit with me on the couch and you said your new favorite word "Yeah!" (You literally use that respond for any question your asked) lol. So I picked you up and put you on the couch with me. You proceeded to converse with me about God knows what. I told you "shhhhh, not too loud, you're going to wake mommy up and she's going to be upset." So you looked over to the bed, we both heard mommy snore and then we laughed quietly!! Lmao. 
You proceeded to do another one of your favorites. As you pointed to my eyebrows you said "eyebrows" or you're baby talk rendition of it, followed by eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It was on that very moment that I stopped to think, "Wow! My baby is becoming so smart, and getting so big." 
Here we are, a short 51 days away from your second birthday. You're constantly singing your ABC's, you know at least all your primary colors, you know all the parts of the face, you walk and run around like you own the joint! Baby girl, just yesterday you were in your car seat coming home from the hospital. A little defenseless new born. Where is the time going? I know how cliche it is to say time flies! But man, it's definitely true! I told your mom the other day, "Nothing you do surprises me anymore. Amazes me, always." Because surprised would imply I don't know that you have it in you, but I do. You are pure greatness incarnated, Zairah! And daddy loves you so much. 

So about half hour of Post Bedtime Playtime took place and you wanted to get back on the bed to retrieve your iPad. So you asked me to be put down on the floor. I did and what followed made me laugh even harder. You climbed up the front rails of the bed (as you normally do) and when you got up to the top I told you "be quiet, don't wake mommy" you began to crawl on all fours veeeeery quietly, or so you thought. You were a bit rough but you were very slow. Leading me to believe that you knew the mission was not to wake mommy and get back down without being caught. Lolol. It actually led me to believe that you've done this before. Are you sneaking away from bed while mommy is asleep and daddy is at work? 

You got your iPad and came back down just as quiet if not more so than the  first time. You handed me the iPad and proceed your climb down. I swear it was like out of a movie. Lolol. 
When you got back down the second time you were really fighting sleep. So I let you go to sleep the way you're accustomed to. You watched videos on your iPad.... but, the iPad fell asleep before you did. With the battery dead I decided to put on a "put baby to sleep" classic. Fantasia! It's on Netflix so I decided to hit it. You didn't make it 3 minutes in. But don't worry, I really don't think it was designed properly. Because I've been put in front of that movie about a million times and I've never seen the whole thing myself. And I got you by about 27 years. Lol. 

You fell asleep and later on you woke up and raised hell. But I think the story end better with you falling asleep in my arms. 

So I hope you always remember the first time you snuck out or away! And I hope you remember that you hung out with daddy when you did!! It was a great night baby girl. And I hope we can do it again soon! 


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Catching Up! I Love You

Zairah, My love!!

How are you baby! It's damn near been a year. All my posts have been mental. I'm still selfish and I still don't want to share you with this world. I realize that it's an unattainable goal to keep you to myself, but you can't blame daddy for trying right?

I say that to say: Anything between December 2015 and August 2016 that you want to know I am glad to sit down with you and discuss in person. *Go grab daddy some juice and I'll tell you all the stories I didn't write down! Lol

But I do wanna update your blog so here I am to jot down a few of the updates in the last year.

So where do I start?
You are taller than I expect anyone your age to be... And you're also heavier than I expect anyone your age to be, but you don't care for walking all the time meaning daddy is the one who has to break muscles in his arms to carry you. Lol But you do walk, run actually. And whenever you do feel like walking, you do it  with the sole intent of doing it completely alone. You refuse to let mommy or daddy hold your hand regardless of where we are. Lol
That doesn't surprise me at all. You've always been independent. From the day you came out of the womb. You're always so willing to learn on your own. Which is great, however you're just going to have to deal with mommy and daddy constantly teaching you, because that's the way it is and should be. I have no intention of letting you face the world alone, (at least for as long as I can be here to have your back)

You have a mouth full of teeth, and on occasion, you use em to bite me! I can't stand when you do because your teeth as so freakin sharp for some reason! But I guess the biting comes from your uncle Rudy, who by the way is your Godfather. We baptized you on July 16th, 2015. I chose Rudy as your Godfather and mommy chose titi Claudia as your Godmother. They both love you very much and we want them to share the responsibility of parenting you as we do the rest of our families.

You're learning how to whisper, and it is the funniest thing in the world listening to you do it. Lolol! I'll whisper something in your ear and you will mimic the sound of whispering as best you can! When you're old enough to read this, ask me to imitate the sound you make and I'll gladly do it for you. Its hilarious, but it's also heart warming. To see you learning so much everyday. I guess the iPad I was against you having is helping some. Lol. And for the record I'm only against all the technology, because I don't want it to be what raises you. Your parents don't need to be replaced by machinery, especially when they take so much pride in teaching you all they have to teach you.

One thing that has been happening that really bothers me is you seem to be having nightmares on some nights! The other night while I was up working on something on my laptop, you screamed like something out of a horror movie and started crying. It broke my heart to hear you cry. It always does. But this cry was different. It was as if you were petrified. I came very close to dropping the laptop trying to run to your crib. I picked you, laid you on my chest and rocked you til you fell back to sleep. Once you were fully back to sleep I held you in my arms and you smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen you have! Lol. You must have been dreaming about mountains made of Ice cream and Teddy bears the size of sky scrapers. Lol, whatever it was, I was just so happy to see you having sweet dreams again. I didn't have the heart to put you back in your crib, so I let you sleep in the bed with us.
 (Something I'll pay for down the line) I mean it not like you and your mom don't already hog the bed anyway!

So what else? Potty training!
On your last doctors visit I read the form your doctor (who by the way is in love with you) gave us, and it said something along the lines of not even thinking about potty training until a few months passed 2 years old, but in typical Zairah fashion, you are ready to go now. Your new thing is telling us "Pee-pee" and once you do that, we have exactly 1.5 minutes to get you down for a diaper change, or you'll take the diaper off (with whatever is in it) and hand it to us! Lol, it's a little annoying, but it make me so proud. You're such a big girl already. You won't be 2 for another 4 months but you're already making 2 year old moves! Lol
I'm both nervous and excited about the potty training stage, but if I know you like I know you, you're going to pick this stuff up quick and before you know it I'll be fighting with you over the bathroom.

We found out, you love water! Mommy took you to the lake a few weeks ago, (I of course had to work) but she told me you loved it, she said that she had a hard time getting you out of the water. I couldn't wait to see for myself and I got my chance this weekend. Grandma and a few of my aunts set up a family bus trip to the 7 Lakes. They have a man made beach (That Surprisingly I liked--You'll learn that I'm very bougie when it comes to beaches) we took you and you had a blast, laughing and smiling and kicking up a big splash! We even sat at the shore and made sand figures. God I hope you can remember these things. These moments are so precious. I took you with me to the deep end where your cousins Kierra and Kheon were learning how to swim. you couldn't do much because we weren't allowed to bring your floaty thing into the water. But I held you and you still had fun.

As we speak, you are in Pennsylvania with mommy, you guys are out there meeting your uncle Dylan and aunt Melissa's new bundle of joy. A little baby girl named Zoey! I can't be there with you guys because I have to work. But I can promise you that by the time you're old enough to read this, I will be my own boss and I won't have to work on Sundays! But don't let me get started on that!

You're slowly learning how to put your own shoes on. You haven't quite got it yet, but it's getting better everyday. I'm telling you, you are a super baby! Constantly making us proud.
Daddy got a new car, (well new to me) and you seem to like it a lot. Because with the car seat in it you can easily reach the window button, which you love to play with. Needless to say I had to lock the passenger windows! lol. Whenever we are sitting in the car, you cry and kick and scream for me to let you out of the car seat. And when I do you run all around the car and finally you get comfortable in my lap and start playing with every button, and stalk you can find. on several occasions you even tried to remove my key from the ignition! I constantly have to remind you not to catch a pow pow! Lol.

Another big announcement, you are now a proud, non pacifier baby! We were worried that you'd get too old and still be sucking on a pacifier (even if it was just to go to sleep) and also worried that you'd develop terrible teeth and need braces like Darla from "Finding Nemo!" Not that Darla wasn't adorable and loved by her parents but.......
But yea, the first 2 nights were a little rough, one night you cried for 2 hours and mommy caved in and gave you the pacifier and even after you got it, you cried quietly and trucked your way to sleep. After that though, you were pretty good. Now you don't even realize that you don't have it. Such milestones accomplished before 2 baby! Daddy is Super Proud!

But thee biggest announcement of all: *Drum Roll!!*
Fourteen days ago, I turned 29 years old. You gave me the greatest gift any dad could ever ask for! You said "I Love You" for the first time!!


We were dropping you off at grandma's house because we were going to a birthday dinner mommy set up for me, and as we were all getting out of the car I heard you say it. You said it in your own baby style voice of course, but still you said it! I swear, my heart melted! My birthday was complete as of that very moment! Not that I didn't appreciate the dinner of course, because it was lovely, but hearing you say "I Love you" Man! And I knew that I would hear you say it for the first time on my day.

So those are some of the things that have been going on.

Til Next time Nisani (Nisani is Garifuna for "My Daughter) Love you baby.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Brand New 2 Step

Baby girl!! I sit here typing this out while you make the noises that you usually make.
We had an awesome 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving! It's been an action packed weekend and it hasn't come to an end yet. You've been standing on your own for maybe 2 or 3 weeks now. The a few days ago I starters documenting your height by writing on the door post of our room.

On Thursday (You'll learn later that Thanksgiving is always going to be the last Thursday of every November) we made it to your Brooklyn family to have amazing food and some football. You played around and walked around with the assistance of your walker toy.
We had a good time and before long it was time to get in the car and make our way back to the Bronx. Lol. By the time we got to my uncles house the food was done but family was still in abundance! I swear I couldn't keep you in my hands for longer than 5 seconds. I came in and someone grabbed me as I greeted everyone. I would get you back and another person would snatch you right up. Lol. But it was a great time.

On Friday it was back to Brooklyn! Simply to hang out and eat left overs, you were the star of the show as usual.
But this was the day that it happened. You were playing with your walker toy and in an instant you took two steps from the coffee table over to your mother on the couch. I caught it out of the corner of my eye but instantly realized what was going on! It was such an amazing feeling to witness such a milestone moment in your development. I wish I had seen it more directly but I saw it how I saw it and I'll be sure to have a camera on you next time.

The day like all days do, came to an end. We came home and then yesterday back to Brooklyn it was lol. We went for a baby shower. Funny because it was exactly one year to the day after your baby shower. Meaning it was also the day you turned 11 months old. November 28th in case you don't feel like doing gr math by the time you read this. Lol

But now we are back home hanging out. We'll be here til it's time for Daddy to go do some photo shoots. Hopefully you're up when I get home and I can come shoot you as well. We need pics to put up for your first Birthday. Daddy loves you so much baby. And I'll have your back regardless of whatever til the moment I take my last breath.